Our School Aims.

We aim to:

  • Help every child to reach his/her potential in all curriculum areas.
  • Give every child every opportunity to learn to read, understand what is read, use what is read and enjoy what is read.
  • Encourage the creative, poetic and more technical forms of writing.
  • Help children learn about mathematics and arithmetic that will help them in their work today and life tomorrow.
  • Give our children opportunities to understand science and technology.
  • Show children how to develop  a sense of acceptance, understanding and appreciation of others and the beliefs of others.
  • Give children the time and opportunity to find out about their past and their environment and to act, where possible, as conservationists.
  • Help children develop their abilities and enjoy music, art, drama and all aspects of creative and physical education.
  • Provide a happy school in which all the children will be sensitively cared for and nurtured.
  • Welcome all parents into the school.

Our Mission Statement

We play, learn and work together.

Rydym yn chwarae yn dysgu ac yn gweithio gyda’i gilydd.


Our School Ethos

The school ethos is shaped by working towards Care, Consideration and Respect between pupils, staff and the community.