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The Friends Of Pillgwenlly

Name Of Organisation: The Friends Of Pillgwenlly.

Aims/Objectives Of Organisation

  • To support the school in the delivery of the mission statement.
  • To support the work, pupils and staff of Pillgwenlly Primary School.
  • To develop a link between the community and the school.
  • To develop a link between local industry and school.
  • To support school events.
  • To support fundraising events.
  • To purchase resources for the pupils of Pillgwenlly Primary School.



  • To raise funds for Pillgwenlly Primary School.
  • To purchase resources / equipment.
  • To receive contributions from grants.
  • To work in partnership with schools.
  • Any other actions necessary to reach the groups objectives.



Membership Of the Friends of Pillgwenlly may consist of :

  • Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in assisting the group to achieve its aims and is willing to adhere to the rules of the group.
  • Staff
  • Governors
  • Members of the community
  • Parents
  • Representatives from local industry
  • Any persons who wish to support The Friends Of Pillgwenlly
  • Minimum membership for the Friends Of Pillgwenlly will be three members
  • There will be no upper limit on the numbers of membership.
  • Termination of membership may be necessary if an individual’s behaviour is detrimental to the aims of the group.
  • Membership will last for one academic year
  • Members may be appointed through invitation and by majority decision from the existing members.


Management Committee

  • The group shall be administered by a management committee of no less than three people and no more than fifteen, who must be at least eighteen years of age.
  • The management committee will manage the groups work, and make decisions and direct policy making.
  • The management committee will be elected at the beginning at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Re- election will take place at the beginning of each year.
  • If a member leaves re-election will take place at the next meeting.
  • Termination of committee membership may be needed if a n individual’s behaviour is detrimental to the aims of the group. A meeting will be called to resolve the matter.




  • Individuals belonging to the group will carry out various tasks.
  • Chairperson, Secretary and treasurer will be elected and remain in place for the academic year.



  • The Friends Of Pillgwenlly will meet every half term in the school building. All members will attend the meeting.
  • An AGM will take place once a year.
  • All members will have voting rights and will vote using a show of hands.
  • Members will be allowed to call a meeting through contact with the school.



  • The groups money will be kept in the school safe and banked on a weekly basis.
  • The organisation holds a bank account under the name of the Friends Of Pillgwenlly
  • The school finance officer will manager the funds and the groups accounts will be subject to external financial audit.
  • Three members will be authorised to sign cheques on behalf of the group
  • Members will not be paid for their time or services.


Amendments to the Constitution

  • The Friends Of Pillgwenlly may change as the group grows.
  • Changes to the constitution must be raised at the AGM and a majority vote must be reached to implement any amendments.



  • If the organisation is lacking in support it may be necessary to terminate the group.
  • Members will be informed if a special meeting needs to be called.
  • Members will be informed as to what will happen to remaining assets or money
  • These will be distributed or donated to similar groups or bodies


This constitution was adopted at an AGM held at Pillgwenlly Primary School on the 21st October 2010.