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Year 6

Throwing Stones

We are currently working on a racism project. We have watched a film and are now collaborating to discuss our thoughts and feelings as well as what the characters in the story are thinking and feeling.

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The Island

Today we have been making an iMovie of our drama activities based on the book ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder. Watch out for our movies!!!

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The Battle of Lee and Quadrical – Ehad

There was once an island called Mashlu. Lee the hero,princess,king,Queen and the monster Quadrical lived there.There are wooden shelters to stay dry when it rains. There is a fishing lake to catch fish when they was hungry and there was a pointy bush and a big castle and a big ginormous volcano in 1906. The…

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Surviving a Shipwreck – Reba

How will you survive a shipwreck? Do you know what you will do on a shipwreck.There are many people who have been shipwrecked in the past.You have yo be always alert when you are on the sea. Never know when you might be shipwrecked so you have to be prepared .hope you are not next.…

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Year 6 – Duffryn

All our pupils who are leaving us to head to year 7 at Duffryn High School had a fantastic day visiting the school and getting to know their new classmates. We are all very proud of their attitudes and behaviour whilst they spent the day there. The staff at Duffryn High School were very complimentary…

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