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Digital Passports

Digital Passports


We want you to be able to use modern technologies confidently and continually keep up to date with the ever changing digital world. We want to encourage you to be responsible and supportive digital citizens.

Pick up your digital passport and start working your way up from bronze to gold.

Internet rules 1        SMART        Internet Rules 2

Each passport has a range of skills and activities designed for you to learn new ICT skills and share them with others. You will be able to work with others and help them become more confident in their own use of digital technologies. There is a range of skills and activities that you can do at school and at home or even in our community.

Complete each activity in your passport and get it signed by an adult. When the passport is completed, you will be rewarded with a certificate and a badge and then you can start on the next level passport.

Click on each image below to find out more about the passport.

Digital Buddy        Digital Hero        Digital Champion