Here are some home learning tasks for Rainbow Nurture class

Week beginning Monday July 13th

Nurture – Home Learning Planner Week 12


Week beginning Monday July 6th

Nurture – Home Learning Planner Summer Term Week 11


Week beginning Monday June 29th

Nurture Home Learning Summer Week 10


Week beginning Monday June 22nd

Nurture Summer Term Week 9


Week beginning Monday June 15th

Nurture – Summer Term Week 8


Week beginning Monday June 8th

Nurture – Summer Term Week 7


Week beginning Monday June 1st

Nurture – Summer Week 6


Week beginning Monday May 18th

Nurture Summer Term Week 5


Week beginning Monday May 11th

Nurture Summer Term Week 4


Week beginning Monday May 4th

_Nurture Summer Term Week 3


Week beginning Monday April 27th

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_ Nurture Summer Term Week 2


Week beginning Monday April 20th

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Rainbow Nurture Home Learning Summer Week 1

Weeks beginning Monday March 23rd/30th

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Health and Well-Being Language, Literacy and Communication
  • Follow a ‘Cosmic yoga’ session on YouTube
  • Create your own exercise routine and teach your brothers or sisters. 
  • Write a list of 5 things that make you happy
  • Draw green vegetables and name them
  • Draw 3 of your favourite fruit 
  • Watch a fairy tale on YouTube, such as  The Gingerbread man The runaway pizza or The little red hen .  Draw a story map of the story.
  • Find words starting with a and c for year 1 and words with oo and ee in the middle for year 2 and write a list.
  • Write a diary of your day. 
  • Draw a character from your favourite book 
  • Create your own weather report 
  • Draw the runaway pizza


Mathematics and Numeracy Expressive Arts
  • Play hit the button on Topmarks. 
  • Go on a number hunt around the house. Write down every number you spot. Can you order them, smallest to largest? 
  • Find different ways to make 10p year 1 different ways to make 20p year 2
  • Write number bonds to 10

How does it make you feel? Can you recognise any of the musical instruments?

  • Can you draw a picture of a beach 
  • Can you design your own sandcastle


Humanities Science and Technology
  • Find out about about recycling 

What do we recycle ?

  • Make a list of all the things you recycle at home 
  • Look on Purplemash and look under science and complete the litter poster, and how we use water .
  • Look at life cycles on Purple mash under Science – Animals – Paint projects and paint the life cycle of the butterfly 


Useful Learning Websites 
Literacy (American)


Creative Tools

Free Education Apps

Go explore from CBeebies – phonics 

Teach Your Monster to Read – phonics and simple sentence work 

Story Mouse – traditional stories to listen to or read 

Maths Champions Lite for Kids