How to support learning at home


  • Share a book and talk about the story/ pictures. Ask questions about what is happening in the story.
  • Give the children opportunities to draw simple pictures. 
  • Write simple sentences.
  • Write your name
  • Practice key words
  • Name the parts of the body – eyes, nose etc.
  • Play ‘i spy’
  • Talk to your children.




  • Count to 10 – forwards and backwards and when they can do that start at different numbers.
  • Match 1:1 objects e.g laying the table.
  • Go on a shape hunt – find all the circles in the house.
  • Sing nursery rhymes
  • Write numbers
  • Simple cooking – measure ingredients


Make Playdough with your child to practice fine motor skills


1lb plain flour

8oz salt

1 ½ pint of water

8 teaspoons of cream of tartar

4 tablespoons oil


Put flour, salt, cream of tartar into a saucepan.

Add colouring to water and stir into mixture in saucepan.

Add oil

Stir to make a ball

Turn onto plate or worktop and let cool


Some ideas to keep you busy at home. 

Make a den Make jelly Decorate biscuits Play simon says Do a puzzle
Finger paint Make a paper plane Facetime a family member Make a crown Make sock puppets
Play a board game Play charades Have a teddy bears picnic Dress up Make binoculars out of kitchen roll ends 
Plant some seeds Draw a family portrait Keep a diary Play outside Look at the clouds what shapes can you see
Play musical statues dance Perform a show for your family Play hide and seek Play snap
Make a band out of pots and pans Make fruit kebabs Play simon says Freeze toys in ice watch them melt Do some colouring


Some useful websites you can access at home with the children



Jolly phonic songs

Oxford owl reading site

BBC alphablocks





BBC numberblocks

Math games

Math ideas



Yoga for children

Joe wicks


Easy craft ideas


Lots of resources covering all different topics




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