On Monday the 22nd of January, we had a science day. We had the first 3D viewing with Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Seren. The woman who showed us these viewings was called Emma. When we were watching the 3D experience, we watched a maths one about under the sea.


A giant whale came out of the sea and ate the ship that we were on. Then we did maths sums inside the whale. We also had to wear 3D glasses for the effect to work. Then we got spat out by the whale. We then did some more sums on the reef and then the video finished.  


The next part of the experience was also with the whole school. We watched a video about Space and we enjoyed the meteorites coming at us. Everyone was screaming loudly. It was hard to hear.


The next part after that was only for Year 6. Since Space is our topic, we watched two more videos about Space. The first one was about the moon and the second one was about stars and planets. I learnt that some stars are bigger than our Sun! I also learnt that humans haven’t visited Mars yet and that the Aurora Borealis is made up of lots of tiny stars. The biggest planet in our solar system is Jupiter.


In the afternoon we had activities to do: we did an activity where you had to see which marbles would make a crater. Then we had to construct a Jenga tower using robotic arms. The next task was to make a puzzle with astronaut gloves on.


The last two tasks for our group were really fun. The first one was a moon puzzle. Only one other school had completed it. Sadly we did not break that record. Then we put fossils into a timeline.


When we changed groups, we had 5 pieces of paper and we had to make it strong enough to hold a box of plaster. Ours didn’t get tested but we thought it was pretty strong anyway.


I thought that everything was really cool and I would definitely do it again if I could.I felt excited and really happy whilst doing the activities. The 3D experience was so much fun, even though the glasses were a bit too big.


I would like to find out when humans will visit Mars and I would also like to find out which stars have been visited, but if not, which stars have been planned to visit.


In summary, we had a fun science day and I really enjoyed myself.

by Sumaiya (Digital Wizard)

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