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Nursery Gardening Day

We had a fantastic Gardening Day on November 12th. The weather was sunny and dry, which was a lovely surprise after all the rain we have had. Family gardening day am (28)

‘Flowers, put in pot.’ Amirah Iqbal enjoyed planting in the garden with her mum. Tull did ‘digging with my mummy’.

Lots of parents came to help us which was a great help.

Family Gardening Day 12th nov pm (34) (1)


Amirah Din told me, ‘All the children go in the garden. Me, my mum done good planting. You need put mud in the pot you need to put balls in. You need water.’

‘I saw a big spider by the mud’ Amelia explained.


Thank you for everyone who helped us with our garden.





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