Learning and teaching for Wales

This description has been copied from the Hwb webpage.

Hwb is the digital platform for learning and teaching in Wales. Hwb provides its users with access to a range of centrally-funded, bilingual, digital tools and resources. It is the Welsh Government’s strategic digital channel to support the delivery of the curriculum in Wales. Hwb provides access to:

  • the Curriculum for Wales 2022
  • the Curriculum for Wales 2008
  • professional learning information
  • thousands of bilingual resources
  • information about online safety.

Access to our learning and teaching resources is available to everyone.

In addition Hwb users (users with a login) have access to:

  • a range of centrally funded tools to help education practitioners create and share their own resources and assignments
  • a professional networking environment
  • Google for Education
  • Microsoft Office 365

Hwb logins are available to all teachers and learners in maintained schools in Wales. All maintained schools have access to login details.

Click the image below to log into your Hwb account.