At our school we embrace the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning.

Pupils and staff are able to use chrome books, iPads and computers within lessons. to complete and deliver tasks. This allows us to deliver the skills that will help learners thrive in an increasingly digital world following the introduction of the Digital Competence Framework.

We use Google Gsuite and Purple Mash for many of our activities involving digital technology.

We provide a safe filtered environment for staff and pupils to use digital technologies and ensure that we are all responsible users of the internet.

All staff agree to acceptable use of ICT on commencement of employment.

Within our home school agreement, parents agree to acceptable use statements with regards to ICT when signing the agreement. Parents also have to agree that the school is allowed to use any photos/videos of their children online or in newspapers. Where permission is not given, staff ensure that these pupils photos/videos remain offline and out of any newspapers.

We help pupils to be responsible users of ICT by discussing acceptable use agreements with them and asking them to sign up. E-safety is an important part of all our digital activities.

Foundation Phase Acceptable Use Agreement

KS2 Acceptable Use Agreement

Digital Wizards

A group of pupils support pupils, staff and families with the use of digital technologies. Their role is developing and improving all the time following the launch of this special group in autumn 2017.

Some of their tasks include;

  • assemblies
  • recording events digitally and sharing
  • supporting teaching and learning
  • working with families
  • improving the use of digital technology in our community
  • providing training
  • working with small groups of children on ICT activities