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Eco Council

‘Look after ourselves and our WORLD’

Our school Eco team helps our school meet the requirements of the Eco Schools program.

The programme is a learning resource and topic areas include:

  • Litter
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Transport
  • Healthy Living
  • Energy
  • Water
  • School Grounds
  • and Global Citizenship.

The Eco team monitor recycling and energy and look at ways at reducing the school’s environmental impact.

The efforts of the Eco team have been rewarded with the award of our second green flag.

Members of the Eco team are elected by the pupils with a mixture of boys and girls, young and old.

A big achievement was the installation of a pond into our courtyard area to help with our learning and to improve our environment. Part of our work has included holding a healthy lunchbox week, writing litter and snack policies and working to make our playtimes more fun and exciting.

Raising our flag!!

In February 2013, we were awarded our 3rd Green Flag! Now we are working towards achieving Platinum status over the next 2 years.

Our school was awarded our 2nd Green Flag in December 2010!
Councillor Ron Jones and the Eco-Council joined forces to raise our flag for the first time.


It is flown everyday to show how proud we are at our achievements.

We were awarded our first green flag for our Eco Schools work In December 2007.

Our main focus this year is developing our forest school area. We are creating minibeast hotels and we have just planted a willow tunnel. Help us to look after our forest school area.

Eco Pond




This is our school pond which was created to attract water based minibeasts. We are hoping to purchase a water feature to enhance it a bit more.





Check out our planters!

Eco School Garden

We have some carrots growing in them as well as some flowers.

We made the mosaic to celebrate 100 years of of the Transporter bridge.



Eco – Code….

Look after ourselves and our world

Recycle and reuse more waste material.

Reduce the amount of energy and water the school uses.

Make the school a better place for plants animals and classes to use.

Encourage healthy eating.

Keep the school free from litter.

SeptemberElect roles
Organise jobs
OctoberEco review
Write Action Plan
NovemberEnergy Survey
DecemberReview eco code and actions so far
JanuaryRecycling data survey (10 weeks)
FebruaryYear 4 litter survey.
MarchLet's all dress in green day to raise funds
AprilCompost Survey
Birdbox survey
MayTransport Survey
Healthy Lunchbox week
JuneMinibeast Survey
Organise a community litter pick
JulyCelebration assembly to celebrate success
Eco-Council elections