1. Follow the school signal for attention
  2. Listen to and follow instructions first time
  3. Keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourself
  4. Use ‘walking feet’ inside school and always walk quietly and sensibly around school
  5. Use the right voice at the right time
  1. Praise
  2. Points and stickers
  3. Individual certificates or class awards
  4. Inform other teachers
  5. Telephone call home
  1. Warning
  2. Time out – 5 minutes
  3. Community Service (putting right the wrong)
  4. Inform parents


As a whole school, we reward positive behaviour. This is an ongoing process in every class resulting in class treats (Marble Jar Party) and ultimately in whole school treats.

In incidents of fighting, parents are informed prior to their child losing their lunchtime play.

Children who cause problems at lunchtime are required to go home for lunch when a fixed term exclusion will occur. During these times, children who require a free school meal will be able to collect a meal prior to leaving school. Exclusions are rare in our school.