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Surviving a Shipwreck – Reba

How will you survive a shipwreck?

Do you know what you will do on a shipwreck.There are many people who have been shipwrecked in the past.You have yo be always alert when you are on the sea. Never know when you might be
shipwrecked so you have to be prepared .hope you are not next.

First if you are shipwrecked look for people on the ship.Or you can look for footprints on the
sand.Find somewhere high so you have a good view.Or listen to there voices and you can shout out “is any body here”.If you do that you have a better chance of surviving.

Next you can build a shelter to keep you warm.To do that get Strong twigs and leaves use the twigs for the sides and leaves for the roof tie them up with strong vines and strings.This would
make a shelter for you or you can find a cave and live there.

Later make a fire to do that get piles of strong wood and find matches on the ship.If you don’t have any matches get a rock rub it on wood hopefully it will make fire.And you can cook your
yummy food.

If your hungry see if there’s any food on the ship or look up the trees.You might find Coconut or bananas.Or get A stick get your shirt and tie it up then you can get fishes.There Evan
might be vegetables if there’s any farms.

After look around your body and see if you hurt yourself. If you got a first aid kit in your ship, you can use the plaster or if you don’t you can rip a price of material from you shirt.Find a pond an get water from it and put it on the wound.

If you want to go home you can get sticks and try making letters with it.Or you can write SOS on the sand so if helicopters fly by they can come down and help.If you have a phone you can call someone.

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