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The Battle of Lee and Quadrical – Ehad

There was once an island called Mashlu. Lee the hero,princess,king,Queen and the monster Quadrical lived there.There are wooden shelters to stay dry when it rains. There is a fishing lake to catch fish when they was hungry and there was a pointy bush and a big castle and a big ginormous volcano in 1906.

The monster stole people’s shiny precious gold jewellery. He was chosen because he was the strongest and had the most powers out of the others and the most scariest. He stole it for Zechor
so he could be rich and popular.But if anyone dared to question him they would be killed.No one had dared to question him yet including Quadrical. A good hunter had killed Zechor and the others
but Quadrical alone.

As the sun rose the hero Lee had opened his eyes wide. Then he got his weapons and began to travel to defeat the monster as soon as he heard that the monster was alone. As he was traveling
he saw a lot of big tall hills and the dust blowing off the ground. He could hear the echos of his steps and his weapons banging together. He could smell food that people are cooking and he could smell fresh air.

The hero saw the monster asleep. He took his sword and shield and began to run to the monster. But the monster heard the running steps and woke up. He dodged the sword and he swung his firery tail and the hero flew to a big rock and landed hard. The hero thought that he was never
going to defeat the monster. But then he ran behind him and stabed the sword through his back and the monster dropped to the ground and died with terror.

Lee returned home and everyone celebrated. Everyone wore nice clothes and decorated the village with lights and sang songs and danced calmly. And they all cheered for lee. Lee was proud
of himself.

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