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The Island

We have been writing discussions. A strange man was washed up on an island. He was discovered by the islanders next to his raft. Gusoon wrote this:

Should the Islanders Help the Man?

One day a stranger got washed into a island. The islanders that live on the island weren’t to sure about keeping the stranger, or to send him back. The stranger looked different to the islanders, also the people that live on the island really didn’t like the look of him. Some islanders said we don’t know his personality yet and they thought he looked lonely and sad so they wanted to give him a better place to live in, but others wanted to send him back to where he had come from.There are many reasons for and against on this huge argument so I will present to you this battle.

The main reason for helping the man is that he is homeless and needs shelter. He needs shelter because without shelter he will die from starvation. When he dies from starvation we would be blamed for his death. Another reason is that he is a human being not an animal, so we should treat him with respect.The stranger does look sad and lonely. Also we shouldn’t judge him by his looks or the way he eats, so we should first know his personality before we say mean stuff about him. It would be unkind to send him back to the sea knowing he will probably lose his life.

On the other hand some people believe we should not help him and that he should be sent back to sea. Also he is going to give us nightmares and bad dreams. Furthermore he might be a spy sent from his country or he might be a terrorist sent from his country. This man is a stranger. He might beg for food and clothes in the middle of the streets, so that means he is going to make our island a dirty place to live in.

In conclusion there are many reasons for and against about keeping the man, or to send him back to sea. It is the islanders decision whether they want to keep the man or to send him back, if they make the right or wrong decision some islanders are not going to be happy. The strongest reason is that the stranger is still a human being, so we should treat him like he is one of us because he never did anything bad to us and we are treating him with no respect.

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