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Year 1 discover mini-beasts…

pond dipping

This term our topic is mini-beasts and the children will be exploring the outdoors hunting for different types of mini-beasts. They will be reading the book ‘Superworm’ and creating their own poems about their favourite mini-beasts. They will also read ‘Snail and the Whale’ and carry out an investigation to find out what a snail’s favourite food is. They will use a factual PowerPoint about Dragonflies and the iPads to research, plan, create and present a report on a dragonfly. They will visit Tredegar House in preparation to write a recount. Whilst there, they will take part in activities which involve using keys to classify mini-beasts, discovering their different habitats, producing mini-beast models from natural materials and building mini-beasts hotels! They will also read books such as ‘What The Ladybird Heard’, ‘The Beeman’ and ‘The Hungry Caterpillar.’ They will continue to develop their number skills through data handling and will discover symmetrical patterns and turns and direction through use of the bee-bots. They will enhance their understanding of capacity and time. They will consolidate counting in twos, tens and fives and relate this to money when buying things in their role play ‘mini-beast’ cafe. They will become more familiar with solving mathematical worded questions related to our topic. They will be learning songs about mini-beasts and composing and performing different rhythms using instruments. Also they will have the opportunity to mould and paint clay mini-beasts, to design and make mini-beasts from various materials and to make life cycle wheels. In PE they will be practising ball skills and playing team games preparing for our sports day later in the term. They will be using incidental Welsh on a daily basis, learning names for parts of the body and saying if they are hurt. They will be discussing their own feelings and behaviour through our circle time sessions. Please encourage the children to bring to school books and things of interest about our topic to further enthuse them. They have already had fantastic ideas about what they would like to do and learn about! Feel free to come and see us if you have any questions. Don’t forget book bags on a daily basis, PE kits every Monday and sun protection when required.

Thank you for your continued support,
Year 1 Staff

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